High Frequency Electromagnetic Induction Sensing

The Project

Is it possible to use electromagnetic metal detection methods for non-metallic materials? This was a major question of my Ph.D. thesis, where it formed three of five chapters. In short, it can be done by bumping against the limits of the magneto quasi-static approximation.


The main description of this work has been shared in the following IEEE TGRS paper:

  1. hfemi_paper.png
    High-frequency electromagnetic induction sensing of non-metallic materials
    John Brevard Sigman, Benjamin Barrowes, Kevin O’Neill, and 4 more authors
    IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2017

With other related publications including:

  1. jeeg.png
    Initial Development of a High-frequency EMI Sensor for Detection of Subsurface Intermediate Electrically Conductive (IEC) Targets
    Janet E Simms, John B Sigman, Benjamin E Barrowes, and 4 more authors
    Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, 2017
  1. spie_hfemi_coil_design.png
    Coil design considerations for a high-frequency electromagnetic induction sensing instrument
    John B. Sigman, Benjamin E. Barrowes, Yinlin Wang, and 5 more authors
  1. spie_hfemi_hybrid_2017.jpg
    A hybrid coil system for high frequency electromagnetic induction sensing
    John B. Sigman, Benjamin E. Barrowes, Kevin O’Neill, and 4 more authors
  1. spie_hfemi_voids_2017.png
    Void and landmine detection using the HFEMI sensor
    Benjamin E. Barrowes, Fridon Shubitidze, John B. Sigman, and 4 more authors
  1. spie_hfemi_du_2017.png
    Ultra-wideband EMI sensing for subsurface DU detection
    Fridon Shubitidze, Benjamin E. Barrowes, John B. Sigman, and 1 more author
  1. diped_2016_voids.png
    Detection of Conductivity Voids and Landmines using High Frequency Electromagnetic Induction
    B. E. Barrowes, J. B. Sigman, K. O’Neill, and 4 more authors
  1. spie_2016_hfemi_voids.png
    Carbon fiber and void detection using high-frequency electromagnetic induction techniques
    Benjamin E. Barrowes, John B. Sigman, YinLin Wang, and 5 more authors
  1. hfemi_diped.png
    High frequency electromagnetic induction sensing for non-metallic ordnances detection
    F. Shubitidze, J. Sigman, K. O’Neill, and 2 more authors
    Sep 2014

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